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Please note: This is for clients / patients to educate them and is not intenede as a class for students to get credit for. In simple words this is like a tea-party where we will sit - sip - talk.

January 24th 2015


Homeopathy for 'Flu'


We will discuss about signs and symptoms of 'flu', why do we get vaccinated every year for flu, does homepopathy has a treatment? What to do and what not to do when you have the flu.


Time: 4-5pm


Location: To be decided


RSVP by January 13th


Attendees: 2


Febuary 21st 2015


First -Aid Homeopathy Kit


Does Homeopathy have a first-aid kit? What medicines should I store at home for daily injuries, aches and pains.


Time: 4-5pm


Location: To be decided


RSVP by Febuary 13th




March 21st 2015


Diabetes and Homeopathy


I have Diabetes, can I still take homeopathy? Will Diabetes be treated with Homeopathy care?


Time: 4-5pm


Location: To be decided


RSVP by March 13th




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