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An Update to Homeopathy Effort towards Ebola: Liga project in Liberia

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

"Our team returned from the mission healthy and well, but with different results than we had intended. Having arrive on 17 October, the four volunteers had received six days of introduction to national health authorities and instruction in Ebola safety protocol before proceeding to the Hospital in which they were supposed to work. But, somewhat surprisingly and due to a few diplomatic problems, they were not allowed to administer homeopathic remedies to the EVD patients as an adjunct to the WHO protocols.Existing EVD patients, already treated under WHO protocols, had to be managed under that therapy without homeopathic intervention because our volunteers were not allowed to enter the ETU’s (Ebola Treatment Units).Thus, we were unable to apply homeopathy on Ebola patients during this mission. Since the incidence of Ebola Virus Disease was already declining in that district, and Liberia in general, no new patients with Ebola were admitted to that hospital during the volunteers’ stay, which lasted until 7 November 2014.While awaiting decisions from the Health Ministry, the team treated very severe non-EVD patients who did arrive, regardless of their disease. Both hospital and clinic out-patients were seen and treated, with impressive results. The results were so promising that the LMHI were requested on departure to establish a program of homeopathic teaching and treatment in the Hospital The mission’s broader goal of bringing homeopathy to Liberia is therefore underway, thanks to the four volunteers and their work.We wish to thank the volunteers, the donors, our hosts in Liberia who supported us, and everyone who participated in the effort to get this team to Liberia, and to bring them home again safely."

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