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  • Queenita Fernandes BHMS CCH RShom(NA)

Homeopathic Arnica - Published Evidence

Arnica Montana

Can't think of better homeopathic remedy than Arnica to be in your first paid box for indications such as bruises, sprains and strains, muscle pains, the "sweet pain" after sudden exercising. But most importantly in my experience it has worked the best for post-surgical pains. I've often recommended frequent doses of Arnica post gall bladder removal, or a hysterectomy, fractured bones and even tooth extraction - it not only provides relief but hastens the healing reducing the hospital / post-surgical care.

For those who need evidence, there is no better read than the most recently published article by authors Knackstedt R and Gatherwright J. Perioperative Homeopathic Arnica and Bromelain: Current Results and Future Directions. doi: 10.1097/SAP.0000000000002043

Think pain, Think Arnica....but REMEMBER to consult your homeopath first!

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