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C-19 Pandemic: Homeopathy is here for you

Homeopathy Research Fraternity has been researching remedies that may work on signs/ symptoms of C19. World-renowned homeopaths, like Dr. Sankaran have seen cases of C-19 from Iran respond to homeopathy.

Some remedies can be taken as preventative when you don’t have any signs/ symptoms protecting you and your family.

Currently I’m advising those who are / have been under my / other homeopathy care if interested to reach out to me / their homeopathic practitioners/ physicians. I'm open to face-time, and medicines get delivered from a reputed homeopathy remedy room in Minnesota. Charges are very minimal, Consult is FREE. 

These remedies are not a cure and we are not claiming cure. But certainly Homeopaths around the world have to see improvements.

Requesting you to share this with anyone or all who believe in alternative medicines by word, text, email, Facebook, Watsapp, etc.

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