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Lets Talk!

Get-togethers at HHH for everyone who is interested in homeopathy - Absolutely Free!!!


At HHH, we are planning several get- togethers for the new year....for anyone and everyone who is interested in Homeopathy. Whether you are an existing client / patient of HHH or just someone who is curious about homeopathy treatment....come join us in our get-togethers.


Events for Patients / Clents:


Check out the events under Patients / Clients. If you find a topic you are interested in...RSVP via e-mail / phone to attend one or many of these. Absolutely FREE, with not cost to you.


Conversation in English & Hindi.


Events for Homeopaths:


Homeopaths local or not .....check out the events at HHH for topics that may interest you. Absolutely Free - RSVP today


A glimse of what we plan to talk on......


  • New to USA, want to know how or where to begin here

  • Aspiring CHC certification and need mentoring

  • Aspiring a career in medical writing, / editing


Important Note: Patient / Client data is highly confidential. No information related to patients / clients will be shared, unless there is a general consent and volunteering to do the same. These meetings are to impart basic and general knowldege related to illnesses and related homeopathic therapeutic approach. If you  have any concerns do not hesitate to call HHH and clear your doubts before attending. We sincerely appreciate your attendance.

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