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                                           Tui Roberts on May 28th 2015 wrote.....


"I am waging a battle against asthma since my early years. Nothing I tried seemed to work properly. I gained weight with steroids and was addicted to inhalers for a long time. It was then a friend of mine suggested homeopathy and took me to Homeopathy Health Hub. Today I enjoy a good hale and hearty life thank you Homeopathy Health Hub."






                                Cali P. from Cupertino, CA on Oct 29th 2014 wrote......


"I met with Ms. Fernandes for the first time today in Cupertino. I found her via google search, and after reading what

she has done and currently doing, I decided to meet with her to see what kind of treatment plans I could get from her.

I can really say that it was a first wonderful visit with her. She's a greater listener, and really wants to know the whole of you and not just your symptoms in order to find a wholistic way to treat me. I am quite happy with my first appointment and I would recommend her to anyone. She has many years of experience both in India and the USA."
















Payal Maniyar, Mumbai, India. On homeopathy since 2005. Her family, her brother's family, her extended family trun to homeopathy first.


"A few years ago my dad was down with high fever. Our general practitioner (GP) prescribed him a Nemesulide to get down the fever his fever went down but his kidneys failed completely. We were told to lose all hope as his serum creatinine level shot up to 9.8 and it didn't go down for three days. Against all odds we decided get a hospital discharge at our risk and got him home. We started homeopathy who took a detailed case history and started his treatment. His serum creatinine level was checked after 2 doses and to our surprise his level came down to 7.5. Within 3 days his serum creatinine was within normal limits. For us ..homeopathy had done a miracle! Queenita is a school friend and when she started her practice in homeopathy we couldnt have been more thrilled. She was our Family Homeopathic Physician then on. To give an example of homeopathy consultation with her:  In 2011 my just born son had developed small eruptions on his face. Our pediatrician told us that nothing can be done and that it may subside after a few months. It was very distressing to see these eruptions which were also troubling my son; he was irritable, cranky, didnt suckle well. The condition was diagnosed to be neonatal acne.  I consulted with Queenita for homeopathic treatment and the eruptions subsided within 5 days. A year after my son developed food and skin allergies; basically he was allergic to any food he ate. He either had eruptions from certain foods or would not digest certain foods. We had him on homeopathy for about 6 months, his symptoms improved. He was able to get on a staple rice diet and regain his growth curves. Homeopathy has worked wonders on my new born child. Now from the smallest illness to a major one; from the youngest child to an eldest in my family we trust homeopathy more than any other form of medicine. To add dad met with a major road accident where he damaged his left hip ball along with many other multiple fractures. He underwent a hip ball replacement surgery. He was told that he would be bedridden for almost 6 months. We believe that homeopathy hastened the healing process as my dad was better in just 3 months!


Neetu Agrawal, Mumbai India. On homeopathy since 2006, her two kids were in elementary and now in college turn to homeopahty first.


"I was not a keen believer in homeopathy earlier, until one of my relatives insisted on trying it as he was cured of chronic sinusitis and migraine, through homeopathy after years of failed allopathic meds.Six to eight weeks into the treatment I became aware that I was no longer suffering the violent allergic reactions that had been such a distressing part of my life. I was still experiencing very mild symptoms but these were easy to live with compared to what I endured in the past. After three months even the mild symptoms began to clear up. It was incredible – just like a miracle!I began treatment with Dr.Queenita, after years of suffering and practically adopted to this plight. With Dr.Queenita's expertise in homeopathic medicine and her experience with this condition, I was given a remedy that changed my life.  I felt better immediately.  I never was one who slept well or regularly.  Now I sleep soundly and I feel better than I've ever felt in my life.  My moods are much better since I sought homeopathic treatment.  I was cleared of my prior diagnosis and now do not take any medication at all.  I am so grateful for Dr.Queenita’s thoroughness and attention to details of my medical profile.  She is kind, supportive and her treatment has made me healthier than I've ever been.I use homeopathy to treat everything from early signs of coughs and colds to sports injuries, for myself and my family. I embrace homeopathy as a way of life, consult my homeopath every whenever required, for whatever ailments and try get religiously follow the guidelines of Dr.Queenita.Homeopathy has worked wonders for me personally and I cannot deny its effectiveness. As a mother to two teenagers, I have raised my children on homeopathy, using remedies whenever they have been unwell as well as for their general wellbeing.I strongly feel homeopathy should be the primary treatment option as opposed to the harmful antibiotics."




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